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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 3, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EST

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he quit politics for about two months time just in time to return for 2019. that's it for trish regan prime time, kennedy starts right now. ♪. kennedy: thank you, susan. ran new year but they will battle over the border while in washington. in partial government shutdown that is 12 days old. looks like it will last at least a few days longer. present job: congressional leaders to return to the white house on friday. after a group of capital was summoned to the scene hundred pennsylvania avenue for a briefing on the border situation by homeland security secretary your stint nielsen. it did not take long for things to get contentious. after a closed-door meeting it ended without any progress with both sides aired their grievances. >> i was disappointed with i
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would say some of the other side. once the secretary started the senators schumer interrupted her and did not want to hear it. >> the bottom line is a symbol. on our last meeting the president said i will shut the government down. they are now feeling the heat and it is not helping the president and not helping the republicans to be the owners of the shutdown. today we gave them an opportunity to get out of that and open up the government as we debate border security and to say to them because he says he will not find it and use the government as hostage we should given the megan people don't want that. it's bad for our country and not the way to govern. kennedy: it's like - will likely change between now and friday to bring these two sides closer to a deal? boxes senior producer for capitol hill chad pilgrim is on the case.
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>> thank you for having me. i will tell you, happy new year to you. asked me if there will be any progress tomorrow and will have something happen that will not resolve this and two bills up in the house of representatives. democratic-controlled house after noon tomorrow once they constitute the house will do one bill to fund six areas of the government which are are not want to get all the way to the fiscal year into a separate bill to fund department of homeland security through the february 8. democrats think they can use us as leverage against americans in the senate because republicans in the senate are have approved these building committee or on the senate floor but tonight the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell described this as a partisan effort and characterize this as a nonstarter and said they will not move in the united states. this is the democrats putting down their marker and now in the majority and it's where we are at the expect this to go nowhere in the senate. kennedy: chad, if you really
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look at this and take the hyperbole out of it and performances from both sides at the microphones they are not that far apart, are they? >> people say it's semantics but sometimes that is everything in washington. i spoke to senior republican guardsmen indicated to me he thought we would be in for the longest government shutdown in us history. it's a little bit about semantics at the end of the day for people by the court and exit ramp. nancy pelosi has to kowtow to the liberal base interparty but at the same token taking office tomorrow will be a lot of moderate democrats who won in swing districts. the push from back home will be we don't want government to be shut down but one good government in washington so what can you do to help things open up. number of conversations with senator to senator not even staff involved saying is that
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something we could do on immigration is something we can do on daca and something that nancy pelosi rolled out when i asked her about it a couple weeks ago. if this goes on further those voices trying to get the government opened and cut a deal will be louder and nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell will have to be responsive to those voices in their caucuses. >> spirit we saw this on criminal justice reform in a rational get together and take the lead because right now it feels like the country has been run by and culture and alexandria cortez. that's not really sustainable. we are all at risk with the shutdown continues, risk for what? >> the people lose confidence in their government and people don't know about the stock market it's been up and down and they don't like uncertainty. people when you pull them to like the green when they see the republicans come out on one side there like nothing is getting
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done in washington. one key even if mcconnell and pelosi possibly come to an agreement is with president trump find something to relax for a while funding or something that is a big democratic ask. we don't know. if you look listen to the language he's a field is resolved and don't forget he moved to bill to the senate that funded the government without the wall that did not have an objection from any senator on either side of the aisle and reversed course. people note mitch mcconnell felt like he was thrown under the bus because the invocation from white house as the president would sign the bill and the president called house speaker paul ryan said he would not so much mcconnell was left out to dry. >> that's not surprising. that sort of chaos reigns and almost what people should expect and when people act surprised when things like that happen i think that's disingenuous. we don't have much time but i want to ask you how'd the cisco different for nancy pelosi? >> nancy pelosi needs lay down
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her markers and nullify the liberal democrats and that's why some people think what she become speaker .-ellipsis gets into friday or something that had the two votes in the senate then maybe someone might be willing to deal. i've been told by white house officials and those close to the president they think they can cut a better deal with nancy pelosi and with chuck schumer. if the policy is known for being a good dealmaker. there's a reason was to become the speaker of the house. first person to return to the speakership on course and sam rayburn of texas in 1955. >> mercy. kennedy: i can't wait to see what happens. i can't wait to see more of the government shutdown for more than a while. chad, thank you. >> my pleasure. kennedy: present job invited nancy pelosi to and that shut down as you know but she says she will rsvp no as he wants funding for a border wall. speaker designate spoke with nbc
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and the close of interview that will air tomorrow morning on the today show and have a look see. >> are you willing to come up and give money for the wall because apparently that's the sticking point? >> were talking border security. >> that means - >> we can ultimately go back and forth. nothing for the wall. >> she is walls. kennedy: unless there's running her hawaiian resort where she's crying. president tweeted earlier that funding shopping issue because new mexico is paying for the wall. be of the new three deal he negotiated but democrats don't see it that way. what will last longer. the shutdown or the new year's resolutions? just got is here with producer of the fifth column podcast, anthony fisher and correspondent of the greg .-dot also, cap sims
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is back. let's talk nancy. she's saying no this is no, no nancy. you got to get something on your to be a big deal maker and has to depend on something. how does this and assert new bishop begins? >> lovely it ends with them passing the stock at bill they fund dhs. >> spirit will the senate acquiesce to that? >> he does not want to be embarrassed and have president trump turnaround is a she will not find it but i imagine things will get more dire for republicans who are being blamed for the shutdown and for good reason. president trump said bring it and now it is happening. kennedy: people see democrats could easily ended and they are not that far apart. >> no, they are. mike pence went out with 2.5 billion and democrats came back with 1.3.
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what has been missed is there was an initial offer from democrats at 1.6 billion the chuck schumer put out there. that's been lost in the narrative. they want to offer nothing but they did come to the table in the first place with 1.6 billion just more than their being offered right now but i think democrats will go about their business and legislate and say we have things past. kennedy: the business is the shutdown. when people start to see the effects of the shutdown? were talking effects but most americans it's the radical. >> for most americans that almost 2 million native americans it's real right now because they don't have access to law enforcement, courts, snowplows, this is happening and it goes on much longer for only four days away from the record. were talking close to record shutdown and close to that. to be to actually be getting to the point where it spreads to the general populace becomes a
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national issue when you're so close to the original . kennedy: when he gets to that point who feels the pressure more? >> i was a democrats because they're taking over the house and less popular than the president. congress is less popular so the president can sit back and say i've been trying and not coming close enough and what he says is not coming at all but we are sticking points are close to the original deal. kennedy: when they talk about alexander ortez and ann coulter running the country those are the two most vocal proponents of the extreme ends of either side and the president case and coulter has said he will fold we've grown apart and it's that. >> very sorry to and coulter but i do think that the president will cave because i don't think democrats will budge they are coming with the idea of we want border security and do it in a
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different way so ultimately it seems like there being reasonable but trump was a physical wall which does not work and is expensive and most people who overstay visas and that's how we have illegal immigrant. people running over the border is not even really the main issue. i think he'll say fine and blame democrats. kennedy: he kind of did before. we'll get the money from somewhere else and take from the defense department and will get the money and that is when some conservative voices became apoplectic. >> and it's a sad day and will be a sad day for ann coulter and i look forward to her tweet on the day be one nothing if not entertaining. mitt romney will not spirit until tomorrow but the former republican president nominee barged into washington today ripping president trumps character with a skating op-ed. romney was asked why he is
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slamming the president who endorsed his senate run and reportedly considered him for secretary of state. watch. >> i think it's important for a president to demonstrate the qualities of integrity and honesty, forthrightness, empathy and respect for the institutions of our - there parts of the job. while i agree with them on policy grounds and salute the work that has been done by the public and leadership in washington there are places that relate to if you will forming of national character that i think we can do a better job. kennedy: it probably is better than everyone in the world. president responded with his own romney dig. president trump: i wish it could be a team player. his price he did it this quickly. i'm surprised he did it this quickly. i am surprised because we've done a lot that he says i read his op-ed. if you got really hard against president obama like he does against me he would've won the
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election. kennedy: girl, no you didn't. [inaudible] calling from these words disappointing and unproductive. awkward evening. is he wise to shoot inside the tent? jessica, president trump is mitt romney's fault. if mitt romney had one and instead of anticipating what people wanted with his great character and moral superiority and if he had put forth better solutions and made a more believable, authentic candidate and beat president obama who is repeatable in 2012 would not be looking at his second term. >> one way to look at it. i'm not sure if mitt romney had performed better in the first fate if it would have gone better but would've been a incredibly close race. sick of the republicans that find their soul and go out and write these op-ed. there's a whole culture of them. i'm thrilled to have bill
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kristol on my side and being that we were the devil and will rule the world mostly because of our foreign policy and now have a new moral compass but still would likely vote for the president a nine out of ten issue items. romney made it clear that the domestic agenda he is fine with it i vote for the wall and am happy about the tax cuts and repeal and replace now he wants romney care we docked. kennedy: that was an utter failure. >> saying he's not going out there and say not. corker syllables of the president but right - [inaudible conversations] kennedy: i'm agreeing with you and that - no, no, people are essentially toothless. it takes much more courage to go after the president when you are winning and have something to lose.
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what does mitt romney try to do? is he wanting an insurgent presidential campaign here? >> i doubt it. he's run for president twice now and send it when is only his second electrode when ever. he's off more than he has one. in establishing himself. he wants to go back home to family and go to his home home in utah and they are tried and cap the more of that year that is was to be the republican - [inaudible conversations] kennedy: do think he's signaling is a group of people within the republican party who will launch a bid for the republican nomination? >> i don't think so. more of the same. he went after trump very harshly in 2016 calling him a phony. kennedy: at that point he thought he was going to be drafted into the race. >> and the only reason - he does what is best for him opportunistically. at that point he maybe thought that it started be nice to trump
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we thought might be considered for secretary of state with that cute little dinner of them together and it was very strange. mitt romney is an opportunity here to set himself apart and get people on inside the same people ironically said that binder is full of women was a huge crazy sexist thing. remember when that was crazy? [laughter] throwback wednesday. >> he's not the only republican candidate with binders full of women. people are acting like they are surprised the president trump is crass and rude and racist sometimes. you knew who he was. look at what he turned out of central park by. he's been consistent in his entire life. he is treated women poorly since he was old enough today. kennedy: that was aired in the press and that's what is amateur sick. if romney want to go after them,
12:17 am
go after him on policy issues. >> he can't because on immigration he's more of a hard ass then trump. kennedy: language. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] kennedy: he is. absolutely. but he's also inconsistent. there's something so disingenuous but a person who really wants to be liked but then at the same time grosses mysterious courage that gets everyone [inaudible] we will talk about president trump and now says there is no timetable comes to withdrawing troops from syria. that's a big reversal from his stance last one. what's behind the change, we will explain, the man in the hair is next.
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kennedy: president trump has reportedly put down his timetable for withdrawing troops from syria earlier today the reporters at the white house that he standing by his decision to leave. president trump: syria was lost long ago. it was lost long ago. besides that, were talking sand and death. not talking vast wealth but stand in death. kennedy: the president claimed he quote - actually fired james madison for his handling of the situation in afghanistan and that he criticized current generals for their military advice in syria. if that did not wrestle for others the department of defense concluded by suggesting himself would made a good general because go big, government 2090. when are we leaving syria and perhaps the bigger question is why? cia officer and it's a podcast award winning buck sexton -
12:22 am
>> radio show, too. thank you for having me let's talk about this because it seems to be typical to get out of syria and describe the process. >> i think you've seen more facets of the syria discussion because of the way that doesn't trump dropped on the american people in the pentagon and military that he wanted a rapid withdrawal because now he's agreed to slow us down and you remember we had the conversation before christmas i said was a part of this that i could understand having trepidation about. yes, the mission should not be present in syria forever for a bunch of reasons we can get into but it also can be you are all out to market there are safety concerns and logistic issues with removing even a thousand troops from a theory are like. he's vowing to the wisdom of the folks by saying he will wait more for what you seen is if it
12:23 am
will take 60, maybe 90, 120 days to get the troops out of syria because of the facilities built up and you also hear people talking about how the mission set is to counter iran now you can get an understanding of why it is there was so much discomfort with what the mission was becoming which was a permanent or semipermanent us board operating base in syria in the country in the midst of a civil war that a site has one by the way. we will balance things out with iran, that's not based in reality. kennedy: you are right. you make a good point just how difficult it is to extricate ourselves from a place like syria that is already incredibly complex to begin with with the civil war but that have these strange shifting alliances and it's difficult to note who side we are on and who is on our side. it's almost harder getting out
12:24 am
then getting in which goes to the most important point which is we should not be there in the first place. >> much bigger long-term risks than people who talk about how we need to make decisions and protect american policy in these obligations. these platitudes are not helpful when talking about combat zone that we know we not lost in syria but anyone with familiarity with what happened under the reagan administration in lebanon knows politics is one bad day and you lose a few hundred us troops. kennedy: we also don't talk a lot about the civilians who lost their life. >> yeah, terry and civil war close to 600,000 people and we are late arrivals. mission was to defeat the former state. people that got into parsing whether they are on the run or defeated or cornered but they no longer hold territory and gotten an agreement now from the
12:25 am
administration to keep the turks from beating up on the kurds which was a real concern. kennedy: can we trust the turks when they say that? >> i don't think we ever can trust that turkish government and there in nato ally and it's a shame. they're supposed to be beside french - but they - i think we should start to rattle that saber and say they are not a worthy nato ally but here is the thing. people were so upset about what was going on with trump in syria initially and now a little time has passed and apart on the resignation looks like we will have the best possible outcome once again goes to why people should not be 20 out or - they can say what they want but we were not about to hit desk on one but it was not a minute as we would have a rapid pullout from here. there's been moving around. kennedy: i don't know if i heard anyone talk about nuclear war but i do -
12:26 am
>> well that's hyperbole. kennedy: but were talking nuclear war with north korea and no shortage of hyperbole or crap storms. >> it will be all okay. the president is not a maniac the destruction of the entire planet but trying to do the best job he can. kennedy: i read mitt romney's op-ed. >> that was weak sauce. i will not pretend he has a deep background to break down but he has the right instincts and what the us should focus on and with help and policy guidance we get the right outcome is what we want. kennedy: thank you so much, buck sexton. coming up, nancy pelosi is one of our famous targets. she's always good for a laugh but now a few sensitive critics are clutching their pearls over a couple of jokes. next line my everyone needs to lighten up my monologue is next.
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dad, can you drive me to jessica's house? ♪ at northwestern mutual, this is what our version of financial planning looks like. tomorrow is important, but so is making the most of the house before they're out of the house. spend your life living. find an advisor at kennedy: say what you want about nancy pelosi but for better or worse in overcoming her party and unholy kernels she will once again become speaker of the house tomorrow. those who know her best describe her talents to 80. >> she will cut your head off you will note your bleeding. that's all you need to know
12:30 am
about her. [laughter] whenever one betting against nancy pelosi. she persevered to give her credit. the matter what you thank you got to give your credit because think about it. think about president xi has endured. the bush and clinton and been through it all. she's been around. this is not her first radio. kennedy: but back nancy went to middle school with the man who invented rodeo, rick rodeo. it's true. at the most powerful woman in washington she's ripe for a good roasting. take it away, nancy. >> i understand speaker elect to be you were just in hawaii. >> sure, yeah. people were upset i took such a lavish vacation but i tell you it was only $5,000 a day i call that. crumbs.
12:31 am
i call it comes. people think i'm out of touch so i came up with a little game to show you how in touch i am with a regular little stinky dirt people. kennedy: and everyone was enamored with my take on the high priestess. one twitter user wrote - who knew? disgusted news outlets sniffed their disapproval saying the impression was a success. women are too weak to take a joke is implicitly sexist and ridiculous. washington is nothing if not in orchard of absurdities and poking fun at powerbrokers is north for the faint of heart. i have nothing wrong who poke fun at the president as long as they are funny. when is the same retread jokes with predictable punchline
12:32 am
that's when it is offensive. pulling punches because someone happens to be a woman, that's disgusting. i'm pretty sure nancy is hyde taking off was brave and giggly enough to paint her with her true colors. lock it up and get over the hypocrites and learn to take a joke. local logo kennedy: lusty comics like alec baldwin have had their fire shot there fun of impersonating the president just got, anthony and kat, i was so delighted to see the people had an issue with might nancy impression back that's great. it's got more attention because people have an issue. it's a wonderful thing. congratulations. kennedy: can't get mad about that and then give anyone makes
12:33 am
jokes about the president a pa path. >> absolutely. you have to make fun of everyo everyone, it's not just fun to do but an important check on government power why we have the first amendment because were able to criticize our leaders and make jokes about our leaders and it's important to our democracy. make sure we don't let someone be off-limits because she's a woman and are they sexist? maybe they are the sexist and she can't take a joke because she's a woman. kennedy: if you had a career as long as nancy pelosi eve had to fight real fights and gotten dirty in the boys club which means that i'm sorry but you're on equal footing and you have ascended to a point where people don't have to treat you like a bubble wrapped baby process. >> as her own daughter said she's a dishes test the titian and. [laughter] kennedy: i love the one on
12:34 am
pastor. >> good film but there's the shaky cam. hbo has a budget for a track b but. >> as was stated earlier nancy pelosi is on her second stint as speaker of the house starting tomorrow and is literally she is past the whip stage. the whip is supposed to be the one in congress who is the person who is the real tough person and she's that person's boss. now she has the job again. she should be able to - not even her but anyone defending her honor should understand the powerful will be subject to jokes. kennedy: stopping hypocrites. >> us point is most born witches nancy pelosi has a problem with us but she's perfectly happy to see fox news telecast before the ball drop talking about her . kennedy: i would, no kidding. >> if someone made fun of me on a telecast. >> if you're the politician
12:35 am
getting roasted - [inaudible conversations] >> it to your happen next or maybe we would have elizabeth warren but call from the president about nancy pelosi. think about the power position you are in there and although i find jane hilarious it was funny to me the symmetry what was going on on cnn where she was saying i hope that in 2019 rogan party dies or something like that which i'm sure would not be taken about by people who are upset. generally speaking people are thankful for michelle wolf to have been able to do what she did at the correspondents dinner for you to do your passion and for alec baldwin to make saturday night life funny like 50% of the time. was one of our christmas. >> push yourself. i don't have a problem with comics who say horrible offensive things. that's a very important function of comedy and sometimes people
12:36 am
cross the line. i don't think those people deserve to be vilified. >> everyone should be subject to criticism but for a comedy bit that offended a small public segment of the publishing this is not the place we should be. >> but it's where we are. >> at school to be offended and the more we can offended empathetic you are somehow the more powerful you become. scary thing. kennedy: scary thing. feeling new york times former executive editor jill abramson fired in 2014 did not mince words about her former employer says the times had a quote implicit financial reward and trump and criticizes her successes - am i saying the right? >> yeah, [inaudible] publicly he
12:37 am
did not want the times to be the opposition party and newspapers were unmistakably anti- trumpet some headlines contain raw opinion as did some stories that were labeled at news analysis. abrams placed the blame on those millennial's writing the more woke staff - is abramson's assessment fair or is she trying to sell more copies of her book? i think she is onto something. incredible financial incentive and it's really hard to make money doing with the new york times is doing. will they change their formula because they are being hypocritical? spirit no, they are doing great. that's what's funny about the joke the feeling new york times. subscriptions are up and there is profitable as they have ever been. to be frank, even though they did a good amount of late work of selling the iraq war there was an editorializing and headline during the bush years and while before that.
12:38 am
it's always been a paper for or at least speaking more directly to the liberal - but it's important institution still incredible reporters they are and we rely on the reporting of the new york times even if a great deal of the editorial choices are skewed one direction. kennedy: cat? >> iv. they can do anything they want. capitalistic society. i don't think she's better but correct. you can see it when the stories are marked news and have opinion in them. at least it's obvious. most people would agree with her that the near times is liberal. kennedy: i agree the people know what they're getting. they're getting more superseded in terms of what's being presented to them and say yeah, i want that. that's what i agree with. the new york times to a lot of people who feel their intellectually superior it feels
12:39 am
like his and that is okay. >> that's because you describe you now i have shot it. [laughter] i had trouble with her criticism because the most important story of the 2016 election was hillary's e-mail server which was a new york times article and people have pointed that is the reason she ended up not winning. kennedy: and including hillary clinton. blamed new york times but she did blame - that was her flavor of the week, that damn reporti reporting. [laughter] >> it's an important in the developing narrative that it's only there to serve queen hillary. in the washington post which has been discussed with david baron holds, reporting on trump business in the trump administration and all those words was incredibly important to the anti- trumpet based in facts and not opinion because they're saying it's a bunch of
12:40 am
reporter saying there are few and far between. kennedy: i think people feel there really isn't objective news reporting left. >> i think foreign policy . kennedy: jill is right in that people feel they have an obligation to push harder than ever that they would against a presidency because they think this president is a legitimate or completely corrupt. >> 20 think social media has made this worse? the personalities of the people because they tweet personally as well as professionally and the people that that is giving us. kennedy: not for most people. most people who no idea who maggie abramson is. >> and twitter is a minuscule population. forget the fact that most of the . kennedy: great to talk. thank you so much. happy new year. elizabeth warren - is her new
12:41 am
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kennedy: that is right, break it down. she's running, probably. progressive princess elizabeth warren has announced she's running a exploratory presidential committee. then to showcase how relatable she really is she cracked open a cold one on instagram. just like the kids do. watch. >> i made a big announcement today. i'm excited. we have donations from all 50 states with a lot of five bucks
12:45 am
here and ten bucks there and you, go girls. i will get me a beer. i'm going to pull up a stool and sit down. kennedy: that so natural. must vote for her now. not all democrats are buying what the senator is selling. andrew, says governor biden is the best case for running in 2020. the matter how cool these they will still be well over 70 come 2020. commentary editor tim carney, welcome back. >> is the video over, i can watch. kennedy: so clumsy. i love my mom but it's as though my mom discovered instagram stories. it's like did you see i put myself chugging a brewski on a story click, click,.
12:46 am
>> it was an onion article about i too enjoyed properly with my fellow humans and it was so bad. she's the worst senator to have done that. kennedy: bad actress. kennedy: >> it would have been mitt romney opening a beer would have been more natural than elizabeth warren. [laughter] kennedy: not wearing pants. elizabeth warren - this is where i know all these candidates are trying to break through with personality. and prove they are the transformational figures but she has to break there with policies. she comes across as hypocritical in terms of her populism which you have gone to great lengths to point out because some of the policies she's promoting actually don't have the people she claims to champion. >> no, not at all. every time she's promoting a
12:47 am
regulation can always find the industry or business that stands to benefit from that regulation and working with her hand in hand. in our examiner editorial we talked about how the hotel industry said we are working directly with elizabeth warren to regulate air b&b. some widow wants to rent out the basement apartment and make money in hilton wants to crack down on her and elizabeth warren is working with that the government, big business working together. same type of thing where stockbrokers and people . kennedy: and medical devices. they are based in massachusetts so they love those guys based in massachusetts. big time magazine expose and i'm shocked to see that. it was excellent. she's in bed with medical device makers. military-industrial complex of all things a lot of that going on in boston and she supported
12:48 am
all sorts of corporate welfare for them and big defense contracts. she will go after the banks and earn populist credit for that and turn around and you think she can to help every big business. kennedy: its hot steaming malarkey. dodd frank only helped big banks and pushes community banks out of business because they can't keep up with the cost of compliance and she loves dodd frank. >> she erects barriers to entry that keeps out the small guy and gets populist credit because she does care fingers and they're afraid she'll come after them. the five biggest banks have consolidated and grown their market share since that frank passed. kennedy: and out there too big to fail. tim carney, thanks. keep an eye on all the 2020.
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kennedy: iconic wrestling host mean jean oakland left us at each of the six. meeting was a popular the many point thought you should enter politics but wrestling and politics are two vastly different mediums and one is filled with nonsensically contrived, and phony baloney storylines designed to work up the crowd and the other is wrestling. that's a two-story and this is topical start topic number one. we begin tonight new york's coney island where tourism is taking a dip. talk about shrinkage. polar bear plunge is held every new year's day because it makes perfect sense we spent the previous night drinking like you've pledge a fraternity. revelers claim it gives them a
12:53 am
clean start in the new year and let's face it nothing says clean start like swimming with hubca hubcaps, and mafia turncoats, i'm kidding - coney island is lovely water. in fact, if you have not lived until you sweat x-ray fish with gold teeth. an estimate 3,000 people attended the event, slightly down the master of the ways them in water the cold there's bound to be shrinkage. there's that word again. [laughter] sorry, gary. topic number two. we had now to the state of washington where a new year's shindig was interrupted by a party crusher. no, no, this fellow lost control of his truck and slammed into a house on new year's day because why hit the gym when you can hit the neighbors? thank god no one was hurt. no charges were pressed because
12:54 am
he passed a sobriety trust. some commenters have said weed was involved but not true. onward. overwhelming people watch the video and that house hitter and police are calling it biggest new year's disaster sends nbc's broadcast from times square. come on, nbc. for all the time you spent governing the new york jets should be experts on watching the ball drop. topic number three. every cell phone carrier has promotions this time of year but t-mobile is having a full-fledged door buster sale, check this out. mast bandits use their truck to turn the t-mobile into a boost mobile and stole dozens of phones and even made off with a safe in case they went over their data plan. please set up a tip line to help caps on but virtually none of the calls are going through because there on t-mobile. this is not the only news making room for the cell phone carrier
12:55 am
and t-mobile is now selling phones that are geared to adults who played a video game for night part of their no friends and family plan. that is sad. but so true. topic number four. we are not. topic number four held a copy started his year with a close shave. yep. the scott nearly got that off to the big donut shop in the sky after the crossing gates failed to alert motorists to an oncoming train. thankfully he had catlike reflexes. that's the only good thing about cats is their catlike reflexes. even that the last because the minute you diet your clot cap to your face. viral mishap was the result of a terrible decision by the operator although if you google terrible decisions every story about mitt romney's dumb op-ed in many internet commenters say he's lucky he's a plate the
12:56 am
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